Our erotic magazine doesn’t hit everyone’s taste,but maybe yours!

Admittedly, we at the Geilen Pflaume are not professionals. Our magazine wasn’t designed on the drawing board, we don’t have any wealthy advertising partners and we didn’t study „anything to do with media.“ We’re just two normal guys who couldn’t let go of the crazy idea of ​​our own erotic magazine and jumped into the deep end with the implementation.

With our magazine we would like to address people who are overwhelmed by the oversupply of streaming porn. People who appreciate the value of erotic photos, because they reveal the most intimate things. Since our magazine is published in the smallest edition, the appeal of our magazine is of course also the fact that you can call something rare your own.

Where can I buy Geile Pflaume?

Our erotic magazine is available as a printed magazine and as e-book. The e-book version is only available to our subscribers and is therefore not freely available. With the subscription you also have the opportunity to vote on future Geile Plum content.

Our printed booklets can be purchased in our shop at Adult Stuff Only.


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With the Geile Pflaume you demonstrate your erotic taste! Vote on upcoming content, receive uncensored and exclusive preview images and the finished issue as an e-book. Of course, our subscribers also have the opportunity to order our magazines as a printed version at a reduced price.

What is Geile Pflaume?

Erotica for connoisseurs

The Geile Pflaume is a printed erotic magazine for men and women with a high standard of sophisticated eroticism. In our magazines you will only find full-page nude photos. This means that you can expect a magazine without articles, without advertising inside and without other blah and blah.

You decide what goes into the magazine!

We would like to involve our loyal readers in the creation of our magazines and let you vote on future content.

  • Determine which Pflaumen-Girl will be featured in the next issue.
  • Get exclusive previews of potential Pflaumen-Girls and upcoming issues.