Geile Pflaume

The Erotic Adult Magazine with Focus

Explore a new featured model with every issue of our softcore adult magazine designed for people who appreciate the female figure.

A new approach to erotica

pure nudity for connoisseurs

Geile Pflaume is a softcore adult magazine that brings focus to print erotica. Every issue features a single model with full-page spreads so you can explore the female figure one gorgeous model at a time.

What you get with
Geile Pflaume

  • A magazine full of images from cover to cover featuring a single model.
  • Softcore nudes that promote respect and artistic vision.

What we won’t print

  • There are no ads (except for on the front and back) so you can enjoy our models without interruption.
  • We don’t print hardcore imagery, only softcore erotica that explores our models’ figures.
  • This is a visual adult magazine. Therefore, you won’t find any long-winded articles or text of any kind throughout each issue.

What Our Customers Have to Say

We love hearing from our customers who show their support for our unique adult magazines and posters. Hear what they have to say, and then tell us what you think of our erotica once you receive your first order.

Nice and smooth erotica… I recommend this [softcore] magazine


Fantastic magazine! Shipped fast! Great experience! Very happy!

I would give it more than 5 stars [if I could]! The magazine is great!”


An unusual and welcome take on [adult] magazines, featuring one model across all pages


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Discretion Is included with every order

We’re aware of the nature of our industry and the need for discretion when it comes to mailing adult magazines or content of any kind. You can trust that Geile Pflaume ships with discrete packaging. Our customers have always appreciated our quick delivery is inconspicuous packaging, and we have every intention of maintaining that quality.

The adult magazines and erotica posters that arrives in your mailbox will be in a solid white envelope that hides the content thoroughly. There will be no Geile Pflaume logo, as well, for total discretion. The only visible element of the package is a private return address.

Ready to own your own issue of Geile Pflaume?

Browse the past releases of our adult magazine and erotica posters. Find the one that catches your eye and kickstarts your future into becoming an enthusiast of Geile Pflaume’s softcore content. We have new releases often with a new model we know you can’t wait to explore.

Get your first issue today or contact us about any questions you have regarding our content.