How to increase the volume of ejaculation

Many guys want to be able to enjoy sex more. However, what it looks like for any single man may be different.  Some want to last longer or improve their lover skills, while others want to constantly try new things.

It so happens that many men want to produce more sperm (for fertility reasons), increase the rate of their ejaculation (for reasons of pride) or increase the distance of their ejaculation (to … brag?) – to each his own, Of course.

While there are things you can do to increase the load you’re filming, it’s essential to comprehend how the process works and what factors might be affecting its performance.

Even without compromising your ability to please or impregnate your partner, you may want to increase the size of your ejaculation simply to satisfy yourself, and that’s fine.

Consume fluids

The volume of semen released during orgasm is compared to the importance of ingested fluids.  This is because sperm is water-based and is the fluid that helps lubricate the path for the sperm.  The body requires two to three litres of water a day to function correctly.  Therefore, drinking more fluids should increase ejaculation.

Quit smoking if you haven’t already

 You need another valid reason to quit; add this to the pile.  Smoking not only reduces sperm count but can also lead to higher rates of sperm stains.

Get enough exercise

There is proper evidence to suggest that frequent exercise helps increase sperm count.  So put on your soccer shoes, soccer cleats or field kicks and clean up some of the cobwebs on your moves.

Refrain from orgasm (for one or two days)

Your body produces semen at a staggering rate of over 1,500 per second, on average.  This equates to between 130 and 200 million sperm per day.  However, every time you orgasm, you lose a big chunk of your serial soldiers.  Try waiting a bit to increase the size of the army.

How To Increase Your Cumshot Distance

Many men want to learn how to come far.  The ability to trigger ejaculation at greater distances increases the sexual satisfaction of both partners.  A man who can shoot cum a lot farther enjoys stronger orgasms and is more confident.

Here are some steps to increase your cum distance.

Kegel exercises

Completing the Kegel exercises will strengthen the PC muscles, making it easier to avoid premature ejaculation.  It will also permit you to control your ejaculation and give you the ability to “push” it faster and further.  The only trick is to locate the PC muscles.  This is the first and most crucial step.

To achieve this, stand in front of the toilet and start urinating; when the average flow of urine stops, keep it in; that’s when you have identified the PC muscles.  Important note: this exercise only serves to locate the muscles.

Hold it down and then let it go

Another straightforward technique is to stop the sperm just before reaching orgasm … and then let it go.  As soon as you acquire the feeling that you are about to cum, hold on tight.  You can completely stop orgasms by holding them for a few seconds; then, you can pull out and squeeze the top of your penis and hold it until you feel the need. Ride.  Keep having sex and then repeat the process.  So when you finally reach orgasm after a while, the sperm will have built up, and you will definitely ejaculate more.  The key here is not to squeeze too hard but instead to match your compression with the natural spasm that occurs during ejaculation.


This may not be what you need to hear, but exercise can increase ejaculation volume and increase ejaculation distance.

I know it’s boring, but eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep will help your sex life in so many ways.